About D&H Builders, Inc.

D&H Builders, Inc. has been in the Treasure Valley for 21 years. Mike & Michelle Duvall first started their business in 1988. Both natives of Boise, they have seen many changes in home construction and have been there to make those changes for the needs of their clients.

D&H Builders, Inc. specializes in new home construction, all aspects of residential remodels and additions, they also offer services for tenant improvements.

Mike personally manages all projects and is on the job site everyday.

Welcome to our website! We look forward to helping you with your needs.

Idaho Contractor's License #2636

One of Mike's newest house, The Heights Drive residence, was chosen in 2008 by the Idaho Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for an "Award of Honor in Architecture”. http://www.aiaidaho.com “click on design awards” or http://www.aiaidaho.com/call_for_entries.htm

Mike and Michelle,

We wanted to thank you for building our new home! We LOVE it! Before we started building, we heard many horror stories, but thanks to you everything went great! I'm sure like with anything there were problems, but you both were great to work with! Thanks again...

~ Brian and Kristi